Game rules


  • 7 players (6 + goalkeeper) in the water and 7 substitutes. They can be mixed in the under 13 category and all male or female in the under 15 category, up to a maximum of 14 player in each match. The minimum recommended number of players is 11.
  • Teams can be composed of more than 14 players, but only 14 can play in each match.
  • If a team aligns two goalkeepers in a match, they must wear red caps with numbers 1 and 13, and they only will be able to play as a goalkeepers during this match.
  • If a team aligns 14 players and only has one goalkeeper in the match, he will have to wear red cap with number 1, and the remaining 13 will be field players.
  • During the match it is not allowed the exchange of caps among players.
  • Each team should bring the caps of home and away ones.

Playing field

  • Área Penalty area 5 meters (marked in yellow)
  • Offside area 2 meters (marked in red)
  • Goalpost dimensions: 3 meters x 0,90 meters
  • Ball
    Under 15 male: number 5 – Under 15 female: number 4 women
    Under 13: number 4 women

Duration of the game

  • 2 periods of 17 minutes with a 2-minute interval between the periods
  • Time is continuous. Time clock will be stopped after each goal only during semi-final and final matches. Coaches can ask for one timeout for each half of the match, only in semi-final and final matches.
  • The team in possession of the ball has limit of 30 seconds
  • The referee can stop the match in case of overwhelming force


  • The basic rules will be the FINA rules


  • 3 points for victory
  • 1 point to each team for a draw
  • 0 points for a defeat
    In case of draw between two or more teams at the end of preliminary rounds, will be applied the following criteria to fix the results:

    • Direct match or league table from the direct matches
    • Superior goal difference from the direct matches league table
    • Higher number of goals scored in the direct matches league table
    • Superior goal difference in the round
    • Higher number of goals scored in the round
    • By lot.


1 referee per game
1 judge to keep the scores and the chronology of the match


Important note

  • Only the coach and the associate/manager are allowed to sit on the bench
  • Only the coach can move from the bench. When defending can move from the 5 meter to the bench and when attacking from the midfield to the bench
  • During the matches the coach and the associate/manager shall wear the pass provided by the organization