Be water my friend… is a nonprofit organization whose goal is the revitalization and promotion of activities in sport, especially in minority sports, among young people worldwide. Initially, the association focuses on the sport of water polo.  
 Competing with and against the best, is the most appropriate way to improve.
Rewarding hard work necessary in training with the opportunity to acquire new skills and compete internationally.
Train young people in the values ​​of discipline and effort, that will be very useful in their future development.
Allow an international experience for children that give them an interesting future networking.
  Improve minority sports quality with interaction / competition with the best of the world.
To organize “stages” and exchanges between players from different countries, allowing the acquisition of new experiences that raise the level of water polo players.
PREMISES It has to be sustainable through membership fees. · · · · · It has to be durable over time. · · · · · It must be independent of any club. · · · · · Does not replace the work of other organizations or federations but simply want to complement part of a training personal/ competitive. · · · · · It has to be mixed. Not discriminate anyone based on sex / race / color. BWMF should have a place in the minority sports promotion who neither of existing institutions that develop this sport do. This association is formed by a group of enthusiasts whose main objective is not only the realization of tournaments but also of team’s trainings and exchanges between players from different countries, to acquire new experiences that increase their water polo level.


Technical Committee Be Water My Friend Asociación created a Technical Committee that will support the current board. The purpose of this Committee is to provide guidelines and possible future actions with the idea to develop a global and international project within the framework of the objectives of the Association.. The Committee consists of the following people
President Sergi Pedrerol Silver medal at: Barcelona 1992 Olympic Games. Gold medal at Atlanta 1996 Olympic Games. He disputed four Olympic Games. Twice world champion Perth in 1998 and Fukuoka in 2001. On behalf of the Association: Alex Corres Juan Carlos Sanchón As other representatives:
Jahzeel Martínez Club Esportiu Mediterrani
Dídac Cobacho Club Natació Terrassa

Iván Sánchez
Centre Natació Mataró

Daniel Gómez Club Natació Rubí
Albert Plaza Club Natació Barcelona
Sergi Pedrerol Club Natació Molins de Rei
We must emphasize the interest shown by all the constituent members of the Committee and thank them for their selfless collaboration to this project.